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Food Trucks…Fad Or Here To Stay?

Recently, I went to a food truck show in Boston.  It took place at Suffolk Downs race track.  As a promotion, it worked!  I had never been to this race track and it was just the carrot to get me there.  I wasn’t the only one.  It seemed more people went for the food truck show then the horse racing.

What blew me away was how long people would wait in line for food from a truck vendor.  The most famous food truck at the event had to be Grilled Cheese Nation.  They have been featured on national TV.  The line for this one truck was at least one hour!  I am not kidding!  Once you place your order, your wait was another 15 minutes.  All for a grilled cheese! Was the sandwich good?  Yes it was.  Would I stand in line for an hour to eat one? No I wouldn’t.  My wife wanted this treat, so she waited and waited…. I was the smart one and tried other truck fare and still got to try her sandwich too.

One stand out truck food item for me was the bacon wrapped grilled meatloaf sandwich from Mobile Home.  While I was walking around, the buzz from other patrons was this sandwich.  I ran over to the truck and got in line.  My timing was perfect.  The word of mouth didn’t take long and a long line backed up behind me.  That sandwich was awesome! The perfect food item for Mad Good Food!

Besides being a foodie and wanting to try the food truck fare, I am also interested in owning a food truck.  My big question is fad or here to stay? If it’s a fad, am I too late to the game?  When I was in culinary school, I actually did my food management project on starting a food truck.  If you live in a big city, then you know that food trucks are growing like metal sidewalk weeds.  And they do business!

Here in Boston there is a food truck vendor called Clover.  I believe they are up to eight locations throughout the Boston area.  One location I experienced with them is at Dewey Square. They are parked next to the farmer’s market that I was helping with.  The daily wait to order food at this truck can reach 15 to 20 minutes with lines wrapping into the market.  This is not because of their ordering system, but the sheer volume. They specialize in veggie cuisine.  Who ever said people only want meat and junk food?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the food truck craze. I’m looking for both the pros and the cons.  If you own a food truck or a frequent customer, weigh in on the conversation.