Awesome Food In The Burbs!

Every summer my wife and I get two weeks where we have no kids as
they are off to summer camp. We use these two weeks to eat out. Last week we
had dinner at Maxwell’s 148 in Natick, MA. We are members of their email club.
Once a week they send out their last minute dinner special. In the past, we
have never been able to take advantage of these great deals. So last week we
finally did and it was awesome!

The best way to describe Maxwell’s is that it’s a Boston
restaurant in the burbs. The cuisine is an interesting mix of upscale
Italian/Asian. We have eaten at Maxwell’s several times and have never had a
bad meal. Each time we have tried to eat something different. The last minute
email special they sent us was a 1/2 Maine Lobster & Shrimp Skillet with
Spicy Fra Diavlo Sauce & Pasta. All this for the special price of $19.99
per person. It’s like getting the prize in the Cracker Jack box! It reminds me
of Boston’s Restaurant Week.

The bar at Maxwell’s is into creating new and exciting cocktails
to wet your palate and grab just a few more bucks from your wallet. One of
their exclusive drinks is the fig martini. Maxwell’s has created and now
distributes its own fig vodka. It’s really good! My wife was the first to try a
new drink they introduced that night that had a tropical feel. It included coconut
water and rum. It was not a Pina Colada!

For our appetizer we had the Moo Shi Duck. This was pulled duck on
a scallion pancake with a hoisin glaze. It made for a wonderful small plate
dish. Chef Mitchell Maxwell then sent us out another app for us to try. This
was a dumpling filled with chicken and other chef inspired stuff. At this point
we were already full and we hadn’t even had the main course yet.

The main course special of the half lobster and shrimp Fra Diavlo
skillet was a dish for your mouth. The several elements of the dish sent all
the flavors throughout the palate. Each flavor seemed to be on its own. It’s
like they got in line your mouth.

Half Lobster & Shrimp Skillet with Spicy Fra Diavlo Sauce & Pasta

After we finished off the main course, we could barely move.
However, we are not ones to pass up good desserts and I know they have those.
My wife and I agreed to share the Chocolate Espresso Terrine. This flourless,
very rich, chocolate delight put us over the edge. I didn’t know if I was going
to be able to get up from the table. Just when I was trying to get our waiter
to give us the check, Randy Nason (Mitchell’s biz partner) brings over another
new drink for us to try. This was a dessert drink. He called it a
“strawberry milkshake”. My wife and I spilt the drink (it came with 2
straws) and spent the time trying to figure out what was in it. We do know it
had strawberries and alcohol.

Once we got home, I had to take a nice long walk with the dogs. I
had not eaten that much in a long time. As a chef, you tend to not eat big
meals because you graze a lot. So my stomach can’t hold that much food.

Can you tell I really like this restaurant?

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