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Spiedies Are Mad Good!


Unless you are from the Binghamton NY area, you may have never heard of the Spiedie.  I was first introduced to them way back in the mid 1980’s while marketing a touring show in Binghamton. My introduction came when the local billboard company owner took me to a bar.  He ordered up a batch of Spiedies to go along with our round of beer.  The server brought out a plate of skewered meat along with a plate of white Italian bread.  After just one bite, I was hooked and I still am today.

What exactly is a Spiedie?  It is cubed meat usually lamb, pork, or chicken that is marinated up to 24 hours in a special marinade that resembles Italian salad dressing but has a very unique taste.  After the marinade bath, they are placed on skewers and grilled on a charcoal grill.  Traditionally the skewered meat is then placed on top of a bread slice.  The skewer is then pulled away leaving the meat in the bread making a one slice of bread sandwich.  You can also put the meat in a sub roll or even place on a salad.

There are only two companies (that I know of) that makes the Spiedie marinade.  They are Salamida Original State Fair Spiedie Sauce or Lupo’s Spiedies Both marinades are really good and both taste slightly different.  Whenever I am in upstate NY heading to Saratoga or Lake George, I make sure I stop at the grocery store to stock up.  Both companies also sell their marinades online. 

Once you have your first Spiedie sandwich you will want to make them a regular part of your grilling menu!